Who are we?

The Division of Women’s Health research is made up of more than a dozen faculty and fellows.

What do we do?

Our division studies a wide range of research topics related to women’s health, including sex and gender differences in health and disease.

What are our goals?

By creating and supporting interdisciplinary collaborations, we aim to translate sex-based research into improved clinical care and better overall health for all.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our division.

Our Mission

Discovery and delivery of state-of-the-art care for women.

Our division’s research efforts aim to lead scientific and clinical discoveries that identify and explain sex- and gender-based differences in health and disease. We prioritize disorders specific to, and more common or more serious in women. Ultimately, our goal is to improve the overall health and access to care for women and men.


Through the creation and support of interdisciplinary collaborations in clinical care, research, and education, we work together with researchers from across the hospital, and globally, to pursue a wide range of research topics related to women’s health.


There are no open positions in our division at this time. For current job openings with Brigham and Women’s Hospital, visit the Job Search page.

Our Division

Dedicated to advancing knowledge of women’s health and sex and gender differences in health and disease.

By building upon years of experience in multidisciplinary research and developing integrated models of care, the Division of Women’s Health advances the hospital’s vision of cutting-edge innovation and discovery in women’s health. In addition to being at the forefront of research, we also provide seamless, high-quality, affordable patient-centered care, and are committed to developing the next generation of leaders in medicine.


The Division of Women’s Health is recognized locally, nationally and internationally for:


  • Ground-breaking translational women’s health research
  • Delivery of innovative, personalized, high-quality clinical care for women
  • Design and delivery of educational programs for the next generation of health care providers for women
  • Contributing evidence-based data to inform and advance policy that promotes the highest standard of health care for all women