CARE Clinic

Who We Are

In 2011 the Brigham and Women’s Hospital C.A.R.E clinic was founded by Dr. Annie Lewis-O’Connor with the vision of providing trauma-informed care (TIC) to patients impacted by trauma, adversity, violence and abuse. The voices of people with lived experience of trauma have shaped the clinic. Even the name, C.A.R.E. – Coordinated Approach to Resilience and Empowerment, came from the clinic’s patient advisory council. Patient advisors continue to inform the clinic’s practice, policies and education.

This clinic provides health care services to individuals of all gender identities. We believe that trauma-informed approaches promote health equity and racial justice. In addition to direct clinical care, we connect patients with primary care providers and specialists, including: Infectious Disease, OB-GYN, Substance Use Clinic, Pain Clinic, Psychiatry, Social Work and Advocates. We also provide inpatient and outpatient consults for individuals who are healing from current or past traumas.

Our Core Values
  • Application of the six guiding principles of TIC into medical care
  • Prevention of re-traumatization in medical care
  • Addressing structural barriers to health and promoting health equity
  • Promotion of healing by identifying strengths and supporting resilience
  • Advocacy around access to care and coordination of care
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