Ingrid Katz, MD, MHSc

Ingrid Katz, MD, MHS is the PEPFAR Director for Behavioral Sciences in the Bureau for Global Health Security and Diplomacy in the U.S. Department of State. She has also been appointed Country Chair for Cameroon at PEPFAR.


She is an Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Associate Physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and the former Associate Faculty Director at the Harvard Global Health Institute. Dr. Katz has spent the past 15 years focused on developing sustainable socio-behavioral interventions aimed at improving care for the most underserved in low-resourced settings, primarily in South Africa. Her expertise in mixed-methods research combines qualitative and quantitative techniques to understand barriers to care in hard-to-reach populations. She received the A. Clifford Barger Excellence in Mentoring Award in 2019, given to faculty at Harvard Medical School and its affiliated hospitals annually for excellence in mentoring. She was also selected as the inaugural recipient of the Dean’s Award for an Emerging Leader in Women’s Careers in 2021, by the Joint Committee on the Status of Women, in recognition of a faculty member who is making an impact to advance women’s careers at Harvard Medical School and its affiliated hospitals.

Brigham & Women’s Hospital
Associate Physician, Division of Women’s Health; Associate Physician, Division of Infectious Diseases; Associate Physician, Division of General Internal Medicine; Associate Physician, Division of Medical Communications; Associate Faculty, Ariadne Labs, BWH & HSPH
Harvard Medical School
Associate Professor of Medicine
Other Appointments
Associate Faculty Director, Harvard Global Health Institute, Harvard University; Research Scientist, Center for Global Health, MGH; Director for Behavioral Sciences and Country Chair, Cameroon; PEPFAR, Global Health Security and Diplomacy

Areas of Expertise

Current Research

In her current work in South Africa, Dr. Katz is focused on a socio-behavioral randomized controlled trial to test a peer-based intervention to assist individuals living with HIV in South Africa initiate treatment. The goal is to develop and perform a pilot randomized controlled trial of Standing Tall – a multi-level, community-based test and treat intervention for South African youth. Informed by Social Action Theory, Standing Tall uses a cognitive behavioral approach and aims to ensure that young people living newly diagnosed with HIV in South Africa (ages 18-24) initiate treatment in a timely manner, and achieve durable viral load suppression, retention in care, and sexual risk-reduction behavior. Standing Tall combines psycho-educational support, provided by lay counselors, peer support, and treatment provision in the context of a youth-focused Treatment Club across five high HIV-prevalence urban communities in the Western Cape Province. Dr. Katz is also consulting on a project in Uganda. Using a stepped-wedge design, the aim is to determine the impact of treatment as prevention (TasP) and PrEP on sero-discordant couples when both members of the couple are receiving antiretroviral treatment, Dr. Katz is assisting with content expertise on treatment initiation. Dr. Katz has recently expanded her focus to consider how migration impacts care for people living with HIV.


At the local level, Dr. Katz has taken an existing HPV prevention program and systematically adapting new versions for use in community clinical partnerships serving vulnerable populations. It also addresses cancer control needs of the DF/HCC catchment area (greater Boston). In addition, the project will provide pilot data for a hybrid effectiveness-implementation trial that fits current research objectives and funding streams of the NIH/NCI and PCORI.


Dr. Katz has co-led a workshop, “South-to-South Collaboration for Vaccines and Therapeutics Innovation” at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study in 2020 and 2021. The workshop brought together leaders in R&D from across South Asia and Latin America to formulate strategies for exploring new partnerships to develop cost-effective vaccines and therapeutics for low-resource nations.





  • Standing Tall with South Africa (HU CFAR, PI)
  • Standing Tall – A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial of a Community-Based Intervention to Improve Health Outcomes for Newly Diagnosed HIV-Positive Young Adults in South Africa (NIMH, PI)
  • Integrated PrEP and ART Delivered in Ugandan Public Health Clinics to Improve HIV and ART Outcomes for HIV Serodiscordant Couples (NIMH, Consultant)
  • Adaptation of an Evidence-Based HPV Prevention Program for Community- and Faith-Based Organizations Serving Low Socioeconomic Status and Racial/Ethnic Minority Populations (DF/HCC (NCI), MPI)
  • Exploring Research and Development Collaborations Within and Between South Asia and Latin America: Innovation in Vaccines and Therapeutics (Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Faculty Lead)

Select Past Research

  • The Treatment Ambassador Program: Pilot Testing a Peer Intervention to Increase Treatment Initiation Among HIV-positive South Africans (NIMH, PI)
    Utilized our understanding of barriers to treatment initiation among people living with HIV in South Africa by designing a feasible and acceptable multi-component intervention for people who are not on ART, titled the “Treatment Ambassador Program” (TAP).
  • HIV Treatment Refusal Among Adults Presenting for Testing in Soweto, South Africa (NIMH, PI)
    Identifying modifiable determinants of treatment-refusal and designing a targeted and informed intervention to counteract this phenomenon in South Africa and prevent premature mortality in this vulnerable population.

Select Publications

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